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Toshiba Ultrabook Sleeve - Notebook sleeve1

Toshiba Ultrabook Sleeve - Notebook sleeve
Toshiba Ultrabook Sleeve - Notebook sleeve
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Manufacturer: Toshiba

Product group:

Manuf.No.: PX1856E-1NCA

Art.No.: S12934102

13.3", silver with hairline structure, for Portégé A30, X30, Z30, Z30T; Satellite Z30, Z30t

Price: 40,00 EUR

Compatibility, fits ...


Portégé A30-D-10C, Portégé X30-D, Portégé X30-D-10G, Portégé X30-D-10J, Portégé X30-D-10K, Portégé X30-D-10M, Portégé X30-D-10V, Portégé X30-D-10X, Portégé X30-D-10Z, Portégé X30-D-110, Portégé X30-D-118, Portégé X30-D-11U, Portégé X30-D-121, Portégé X30-D-123, Portégé X30-D-13Z, Portégé X30-D-141, Portégé X30-D-143, Portégé X30-D-15D, Portégé X30-D-15F, Portégé X30-D-15N, Portégé X30-D-15P, Portégé X30-D-162, Portégé X30-D-16P, Portégé X30-D-17E, Portégé X30-D-17G, Portégé X30-D-189, Portégé X30-D-18F, Portégé X30-D-19X, Portégé X30-D-1CW, Portégé X30-E-138, Portégé Z30-A-108, Portégé Z30-A-10J, Portégé Z30-A-10P, Portégé Z30-A-10W, Portégé Z30-A-10Z, Portégé Z30-A-115, Portégé Z30-A-116, Portégé Z30-A-11G, Portégé Z30-A-12N, Portégé Z30-A-12P, Portégé Z30-A-12Q, Portégé Z30-A-12T, Portégé Z30-A-12U, Portégé Z30-A-12X, Portégé Z30-A1301, Portégé Z30-A1302, Portégé Z30-A-136, Portégé Z30-A-138, Portégé Z30-A-13E, Portégé Z30-A-13H, Portégé Z30-A-13R, Portégé Z30-A-13U, Portégé Z30-A-13W, Portégé Z30-A-13X, Portégé Z30-A-140, Portégé Z30-A-146, Portégé Z30-A-14K, Portégé Z30-A-14Z, Portégé Z30-A-159, Portégé Z30-A-15M, Portégé Z30-A-16J, Portégé Z30-A-16K, Portégé Z30-A-17E, Portégé Z30-A-17R, Portégé Z30-A-181, Portégé Z30-A-186, Portégé Z30-A-18M, Portégé Z30-A-18U, Portégé Z30-A-192, Portégé Z30-A-199, Portégé Z30-A-19L, Portégé Z30-A-19N, Portégé Z30-A-1CC, Portégé Z30-A-1CK, Portégé Z30-A-1CN, Portégé Z30-A-1CR, Portégé Z30-A-1D6, Portégé Z30-A-1DU, Portégé Z30-A-1E1, Portégé Z30-A-1E5, Portégé Z30-A-1FL, Portégé Z30-A-1GD, Portégé Z30-A-1GF, Portégé Z30-A-1GL, Portégé Z30-A-1GX, Portégé Z30-B-00W, Portégé Z30-B-106, Portégé Z30-B-107, Portégé Z30-B-109, Portégé Z30-B-10C, Portégé Z30-B-10D, Portégé Z30-B-10E, Portégé Z30-B-10G, Portégé Z30-B-10K, Portégé Z30-B-10M, Portégé Z30-B-10Q, Portégé Z30-B-10V, Portégé Z30-B-111, Portégé Z30-B-112, Portégé Z30-B-113, Portégé Z30-B-116, Portégé Z30-B-117, Portégé Z30-B-119, Portégé Z30-B-11C, Portégé Z30-B-11G, Portégé Z30-B-11H, Portégé Z30-B-11K, Portégé Z30-B-11R, Portégé Z30-B-11T, Portégé Z30-B-11V, Portégé Z30-B-11W, Portégé Z30-B-11X, Portégé Z30-B-120, Portégé Z30-B-121, Portégé Z30-B-127, Portégé Z30-B-12E, Portégé Z30-B-12F, Portégé Z30-B-12J, Portégé Z30-B-12K, Portégé Z30-B-12X, Portégé Z30-B-14E, Portégé Z30-B-14F, Portégé Z30-B-14R, Portégé Z30-B-14U, Portégé Z30-B-14W, Portégé Z30-B-14X, Portégé Z30-B-14Z, Portégé Z30-B-15H, Portégé Z30-B-15J, Portégé Z30-B-15L, Portégé Z30-C-18X, Portégé Z30t-A-108, Portégé Z30t-A-10Q, Portégé Z30t-A-10V, Portégé Z30t-A-112, Portégé Z30t-A-11H, Portégé Z30t-A-11P, Portégé Z30T-A-11U, Portégé Z30t-A-121, Portégé Z30t-A-12J, Portégé Z30t-B-104, Portégé Z30t-B-10C, Portégé Z30T-B-10E, Portégé Z30t-B-10F, Portégé Z30t-B-10K, Portégé Z30t-B-10L, Portégé Z30t-B-10V, Portégé Z30t-C-133, Satellite Z30-A-177, Satellite Z30-A-1CX, Satellite Z30-A-1CZ, Satellite Z30-B-100, Satellite Z30-B-10C, Satellite Z30-B-10W, Satellite Z30-B-110, Satellite Z30-B-13N, Satellite Z30-B-157, Satellite Z30-B-158, Satellite Z30-B-15M, Satellite Z30-C-10K, Satellite Z30t-A-10C, Satellite Z30t-A-127
The stylish and smart way to help protect your Toshiba ULTRABOOK exclusively for your Toshiba Portege Z830/Satellite Z830.
Product Description Toshiba Ultrabook Sleeve - notebook sleeve
Product Type Notebook sleeve
Colour Silver with hairline structure
Product Material Velvet, polyurethane leather
Dimensions (WxDxH) 24.2 cm x 1.5 cm x 34.5 cm
Notebook Compatibility 13.3"
Manufacturer Warranty 2 years warranty
Designed For Portégé A30, X30, Z30, Z30T; Satellite Z30, Z30t
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