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HP Spectre L-Zip - Notebook sleeve1

HP Spectre L-Zip - Notebook sleeve
HP Spectre L-Zip - Notebook sleeve
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Manufacturer: HP Inc.

Product group:

Manuf.No.: 2HW35AA#ABB

Art.No.: S19543109

13.3", empress red, for Chromebook 11; Chromebook x360 13; ENVY 13; x360 13; Pavilion x360 13; Spectre 13; x360; Stream x360 13

Price: 54,00 EUR

Compatibility, fits ...


Chromebook 11-v002nf, Chromebook 11-v003nf, Chromebook 11-v004nf, Chromebook 11-v005nd, Chromebook 11-v025wm, Chromebook 11-v032nr, Chromebook 11-v051sa, Chromebook x360 11-ae003no, Chromebook x360 11-ae027nr, Chromebook x360 11-ae051wm, Chromebook x360 11-ae106nf, Chromebook x360 11-ae107nf, Chromebook x360 11-ae109nf, Chromebook x360 11-ae110nr, Chromebook x360 11-ae120nr, ENVY 13-ab000na, ENVY 13-ab000nc, ENVY 13-ab000nd, ENVY 13-ab000nf, ENVY 13-ab000ni, ENVY 13-ab000ns, ENVY 13-ab000nw, ENVY 13-ab001na, ENVY 13-ab001nf, ENVY 13-ab001ng, ENVY 13-ab001nn, ENVY 13-ab001no, ENVY 13-ab001ns, ENVY 13-ab002la, ENVY 13-ab002na, ENVY 13-ab002nc, ENVY 13-ab002nf, ENVY 13-ab002ng, ENVY 13-ab002ni, ENVY 13-ab002no, ENVY 13-ab002ns, ENVY 13-ab003na, ENVY 13-ab003nf, ENVY 13-ab003ng, ENVY 13-ab003nn, ENVY 13-ab003no, ENVY 13-ab003nt, ENVY 13-ab004la, ENVY 13-ab004na, ENVY 13-ab004nf, ENVY 13-ab004ng, ENVY 13-ab004no, ENVY 13-ab005na, ENVY 13-ab005nf, ENVY 13-ab005ng, ENVY 13-ab005no, ENVY 13-ab006nf, ENVY 13-ab007la, ENVY 13-ab007na, ENVY 13-ab007nf, ENVY 13-Ab008na, ENVY 13-ab009na, ENVY 13-ab009ns, ENVY 13-ab010nd, ENVY 13-ab010nf, ENVY 13-ab010nl, ENVY 13-ab011nb, ENVY 13-ab011nf, ENVY 13-ab012nf, ENVY 13-ab013nf, ENVY 13-ab014nb, ENVY 13-ab014nf, ENVY 13-ab014tu, ENVY 13-ab015nb, ENVY 13-ab015tu, ENVY 13-ab016nf, ENVY 13-ab016tu, ENVY 13-ab017tu, ENVY 13-ab019nf, ENVY 13-ab021nd, ENVY 13-ab021nf, ENVY 13-ab022nf, ENVY 13-ab023nf, ENVY 13-ab024nf, ENVY 13-ab025nf, ENVY 13-ab026nf, ENVY 13-Ab027nf, ENVY 13-ab028nf, ENVY 13-ab029nf, ENVY 13-ab030nf, ENVY 13-ab030nz, ENVY 13-ab031nf, ENVY 13-ab032nf, ENVY 13-ab033nf, ENVY 13-ab035nf, ENVY 13-ab040nf, ENVY 13-ab067cl, ENVY 13-ab070no, ENVY 13-ab071tu, ENVY 13-ab077cl, ENVY 13-ab080nz, ENVY 13-ab091nb, ENVY 13-ad000nf, ENVY 13-ad001nf, ENVY 13-ad001no, ENVY 13-ad002nc, ENVY 13-ad002nf, ENVY 13-ad002ng, ENVY 13-ad002ns, ENVY 13-ad003la, ENVY 13-ad003nf, ENVY 13-ad003ng, ENVY 13-ad003no, ENVY 13-ad003ns, ENVY 13-ad004la, ENVY 13-ad004nf, ENVY 13-ad004ng, ENVY 13-ad004nj, ENVY 13-ad004no, ENVY 13-ad004nw, ENVY 13-ad005no, ENVY 13-ad006la, ENVY 13-ad006nf, ENVY 13-ad006ng, ENVY 13-ad006nl, ENVY 13-ad006ns, ENVY 13-ad006nw, ENVY 13-ad007la, ENVY 13-ad007nb, ENVY 13-ad007nf, ENVY 13-ad007ng, ENVY 13-ad007no, ENVY 13-ad008no, ENVY 13-ad008ns, ENVY 13-ad008nw, ENVY 13-ad009nb, ENVY 13-ad009nf, ENVY 13-ad009ns, ENVY 13-ad009nw, ENVY 13-ad010nc, ENVY 13-ad010nd, ENVY 13-ad010ng, ENVY 13-ad010no, ENVY 13-ad010nr, ENVY 13-ad010ns, ENVY 13-ad011na, ENVY 13-ad011ns, ENVY 13-ad012na, ENVY 13-ad012nc, ENVY 13-ad012nd, ENVY 13-ad012no, ENVY 13-ad012ns, ENVY 13-ad013na, ENVY 13-ad013nc, ENVY 13-ad013nn, ENVY 13-ad013ns, ENVY 13-ad014nf, ENVY 13-ad015na, ENVY 13-ad016nc, ENVY 13-ad017nc, ENVY 13-ad017nf, ENVY 13-ad018nf, ENVY 13-ad019nc, ENVY 13-ad021nf, ENVY 13-ad027tx, ENVY 13-ad028tx, ENVY 13-ad029tx, ENVY 13-ad030ng, ENVY 13-ad030tx, ENVY 13-ad031nd, ENVY 13-ad031tx, ENVY 13-ad033nd, ENVY 13-ad036tu, ENVY 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ENVY 13-ad109nl, ENVY 13-ad109no, ENVY 13-ad109ns, ENVY 13-ad109nw, ENVY 13-ad110ca, ENVY 13-ad110ns, ENVY 13-ad112nd, ENVY 13-ad113nf, ENVY 13-ad113ns, ENVY 13-ad114nd, ENVY 13-ad117tu, ENVY 13-ad120nr, ENVY 13-ad131nd, ENVY 13-ad132nd, ENVY 13-ad132tu, ENVY 13-ad133nd, ENVY 13-ad134nd, ENVY 13-ad134tx, ENVY 13-ad135tu, ENVY 13-ad136tu, ENVY 13-ad140ng, ENVY 13-ad141ng, ENVY 13-ad141tu, ENVY 13-ad142ng, ENVY 13-ad149nz, ENVY 13-ad150nz, ENVY 13-ad173cl, ENVY 13-ad180nz, ENVY x360 13-y013cl, ENVY x360 13-y023cl, ENVY x360 13-y034cl, Pavilion x360 13-u000nb, Pavilion x360 13-u000nf, Pavilion x360 13-u000ng, Pavilion x360 13-u000ns, Pavilion x360 13-u000nw, Pavilion x360 13-u001la, Pavilion x360 13-u001nb, Pavilion x360 13-u001nd, Pavilion x360 13-u001ng, Pavilion x360 13-u001nh, Pavilion x360 13-u001nl, Pavilion x360 13-u001np, Pavilion x360 13-u001ns, Pavilion x360 13-u002na, Pavilion x360 13-u002nc, Pavilion x360 13-u002nd, Pavilion x360 13-u002nh, Pavilion x360 13-u002nm, Pavilion x360 13-u002ns, Pavilion x360 13-U003la, Pavilion x360 13-u003nc, Pavilion x360 13-u003nf, Pavilion x360 13-u003ng, Pavilion x360 13-u003no, Pavilion x360 13-u003np, Pavilion x360 13-u003ns, Pavilion x360 13-u004nc, Pavilion x360 13-u004nl, Pavilion x360 13-u004no, Pavilion x360 13-u005na, Pavilion x360 13-u005nf, Pavilion x360 13-u005nl, Pavilion x360 13-u005tu, Pavilion x360 13-u006nl, Pavilion x360 13-u007nf, Pavilion x360 13-u007nl, Pavilion x360 13-u009na, Pavilion x360 13-u009nf, Pavilion x360 13-u010ca, Pavilion x360 13-u010na, Pavilion x360 13-u010nd, Pavilion x360 13-u011na, Pavilion x360 13-u013na, Pavilion x360 13-u014na, Pavilion x360 13-u020ca, Pavilion x360 13-u024tu, Pavilion x360 13-u026tu, Pavilion x360 13-u028tu, Pavilion x360 13-u032nw, Pavilion x360 13-u036nw, Pavilion x360 13-u049TU, Pavilion x360 13-u062na, Pavilion x360 13-u090nd, Pavilion x360 13-u095nd, Pavilion x360 13-u100ca, Pavilion x360 13-u100na, Pavilion x360 13-u100nb, Pavilion x360 13-u100nf, Pavilion 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x360 11-ab015nl, x360 11-ab019tu, x360 11-ab042la, x360 11-ab043tu
Marketing description is not available.
Product Description HP Spectre L-Zip notebook sleeve
Product Type Notebook sleeve
Colour Empress red
Product Material Leather
Dimensions (WxDxH) 35 cm x 2.5 cm x 24.3 cm
Weight 360 g
Notebook Compatibility 13.3"
Localisation English / Europe
Manufacturer Warranty 1-year warranty
Designed For Chromebook 11; Chromebook x360 13; ENVY 13; x360 13; Pavilion x360 13; Spectre 13; x360; Stream x360 13
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