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Lenovo - Hard drive1

Lenovo - Hard drive
Lenovo - Hard drive
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Manufacturer: Lenovo

Product group:

Manuf.No.: 45J7918

Art.No.: S5805241

1 TB, internal, 3.5", SATA 3Gb/s, 7200 rpm, buffer: 32 MB, for S510; ThinkCentre M700; M715; M910; ThinkStation P310; P320; P410; P510; P520; P720; P920

  • 1 TB formatted capacity
  • 4.17 ms average latency
  • Seek time of 8.2 ms typical (without command overhead)
  • Serial ATA interface capability enabling up to 300 MB/s instantaneous interface data transfers
  • Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T.) included
  • Slim, one-inch-high profile

Price: 106,00 EUR

Compatibility, fits ...


Ideapad S200, S500, ThinkCentre E73, ThinkCentre Edge 71, ThinkCentre Edge 71 1578, ThinkCentre Edge 71z, ThinkCentre Edge 91z, ThinkCentre M70z, ThinkCentre M715s, ThinkCentre M715t, ThinkCentre M71e, ThinkCentre M71z, ThinkCentre M78 5100, ThinkCentre M79, ThinkCentre M80, ThinkCentre M800, ThinkCentre M81, ThinkCentre M83, ThinkCentre M900, ThinkCentre M90z, ThinkCentre M91, ThinkCentre M910s, ThinkCentre M93p, ThinkCentre X1, ThinkStation C20, ThinkStation C20x, ThinkStation D10, ThinkStation D20, ThinkStation E30, ThinkStation E32, ThinkStation P310, ThinkStation P410, ThinkStation P510, ThinkStation P520, ThinkStation P520c, ThinkStation P720, ThinkStation P920, ThinkStation S10, ThinkStation S20, ThinkStation S30
S510 (When Manufacturer Form Factor = tower)
ThinkCentre Edge 91z 7075 (Only for SWHH3GE)
ThinkCentre M57 (When Manufacturer Form Factor = Eco ultra small form factor)
ThinkCentre M57p (When Manufacturer Form Factor = Eco ultra small form factor)
ThinkCentre M58 (When Manufacturer Form Factor = Eco ultra small form factor)
ThinkCentre M58p (When Manufacturer Form Factor = Eco ultra small form factor)
ThinkCentre M700 (When Manufacturer Form Factor = small form factor or Manufacturer Form Factor = tower)
ThinkCentre M71e 3129 (Only for SFJA3GE, SFJA4GE, SFJA6GE)
ThinkCentre M71e 3132 (Only for SFKB2GE, SFKB3GE)
ThinkCentre M73 (When Manufacturer Form Factor = mini tower or Manufacturer Form Factor = small form factor)
ThinkCentre M81 5048 (Only for SZNE2GE)
ThinkCentre M81 5049 (Only for SZYE5GE)
ThinkCentre M90z 3429 (Only for VEEB9GE)
ThinkCentre M91 7519 (Only for SXRA3GE)
ThinkCentre M91p 7052 (Only for SELA9GE)
ThinkStation C20 4265 (Only for SSD51GE)
ThinkStation D20 4155 (Only for SNFD4GE, SNFG4GE)
ThinkStation E30 7824 (Only for SZD32GE, SZD36GE, SZD42GE)
ThinkStation E31 (When Manufacturer Form Factor = tower)
ThinkStation P300 (When Form Factor = 3.5")
ThinkStation P320 (When Manufacturer Form Factor = small form factor or Manufacturer Form Factor = tower)
ThinkStation P500 (When Form Factor = 3.5")
ThinkStation P700 (When Form Factor = 3.5")
ThinkStation P900 (When Form Factor = 3.5")
Lenovo extends its line of outstanding hard drive upgrade options with the 1TB 7200 rpm Serial ATA Hard Drive for the Lenovo ThinkCentre M57/M57p eco Ultra Small Form Factor (USFF) desktop systems and the Lenovo ThinkStation S10/D10 Series workstation systems. The 300 MB/s in-stantaneous data transfer rate is a 50% improvement over previous Serial ATA technology.
Product Description Lenovo - hard drive - 1 TB - SATA 3Gb/s
Type Hard drive - internal
Capacity 1 TB
Form Factor 3.5" x 1/3H
Interface SATA 3Gb/s
Data Transfer Rate 300 MBps
Buffer Size 32 MB
Spindle Speed 7200 rpm
Features S.M.A.R.T.
Dimensions (WxDxH) 10.2 cm x 14.7 cm x 2.6 cm
Weight 0.7 kg
Manufacturer Warranty 3 years warranty
Designed For S500; S510 (tower); ThinkCentre E73; ThinkCentre Edge 71; 71z; 91z; ThinkCentre M57 (Eco uSFF); M57p (Eco uSFF); M58 (Eco uSFF); M58p (Eco uSFF); M700 (SFF, tower); M70z; M715s; M715t; M71e; M71z; M73 (MT, SFF); M78 5100; M79; M80; M800; M81; M83; M900; M90z; M91; M910s; M93p; X1; ThinkStation C20; C20x; D10; D20; E30; E31 (tower); E32; P300; P310; P320 (SFF, tower); P410; P500; P510; P520; P520c; P700; P720; P900; P920; S10; S20; S30
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