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DIGITUS Professional DN-19 KEY-2U - Rack storage drawer1

DIGITUS Professional DN-19 KEY-2U - Rack storage drawer
DIGITUS Professional DN-19 KEY-2U - Rack storage drawer
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Manufacturer: DIGITUS

Product group:

Manuf.No.: DN-19 KEY-2U

Art.No.: S8321305

2U, 19", for P/N: DN-19 22U-8/8, DN-19 47U-6/8-SW, DN-19 47U-8/10-SW, DN-19 47U-8/8-SW

  • Fixing at mounting angles
  • Extensible
  • Sheet steel

Price: 70,00 EUR

Compatibility, fits ...


(Only for DN-19 47U-6/10, DN-19 47U-8/8, DN-19 SRV-42U-GD)
DN-19 42U-8/10 (Only for DN-19 42U-8/10)
DN-19 42U-8/10-SW (Only for DN-19 42U-8/10-SW)
DN-19 42U-I-6/10 (Only for DN-19 42U-I-6/10)
DN-19 42U-I-6/6 (Only for DN-19 42U-I-6/6)
DN-19 SRV-26U-GD (Only for DN-19 SRV-26U-GD)
DN-19 SRV-26U-N (Only for DN-19 SRV-26U-N)
DN-19 SRV-36U-SW-GD (Only for DN-19 SRV-36U-SW-GD)
DN-19 SRV-42U-8-N (Only for DN-19 SRV-42U-8-N)
DN-19 SRV-42U-8SW-GD (Only for DN-19 SRV-42U-8SW-GD)
DN-19 SRV-42U-8-SW-N (Only for DN-19 SRV-42U-8-SW-N)
DN-19 SRV-47U-8-GD (Only for DN-19 SRV-47U-8-GD)
Serverline DN-19 SRV-26U-SW-GD (Only for DN-19 SRV-26U-SW-GD)
Serverline DN-19 SRV-36U-N (Only for DN-19 SRV-36U-N)
Serverline DN-19 SRV-42U-N (Only for DN-19 SRV-42U-N)
Serverline DN-19 SRV-42U-SW-GD (Only for DN-19 SRV-42U-SW-GD)
Serverline DN-19 SRV-42U-SW-N (Only for DN-19 SRV-42U-SW-N)
Serverline DN-19 SRV-47U-8-SW-G (Only for DN-19 SRV-47U-8-SW-G)


Eco-Line DN-19 22U-6/6-EC (Only for DN-19 22U-6/6-EC)
Eco-Line DN-19 32U-6/6-EC (Only for DN-19 32U-6/6-EC)
Eco-Line DN-19 32U-6/8-EC (Only for DN-19 32U-6/8-EC)
Eco-Line DN-19 42U-6/8-EC (Only for DN-19 42U-6/8-EC)
Professional DN-19 22U-6/8-SW (Only for DN-19 22U-6/8-SW)
Professional DN-19 22U-8/8 (Only for DN-19 22U-8/8)
Professional DN-19 26U-6/10-SW (Only for DN-19 26U-6/10-SW)
Professional DN-19 32U-6/6-SW (Only for DN-19 32U-6/6-SW)
Professional DN-19 32U-8/8-SW (Only for DN-19 32U-8/8-SW)
Professional DN-19 42U-I-6/8 (Only for DN-19 42U-I-6/8)
Professional DN-19 42U-I-8/8 (Only for DN-19 42U-I-8/8)
Professional DN-19 47U-6/10-SW (Only for DN-19 47U-6/10-SW)
Professional DN-19 47U-8/8-SW (Only for DN-19 47U-8/8-SW)
Professional Line (Only for DN-19 SRV-26U-EC, DN-19 SRV-42U-8-GD)
Professional Line DN-19 22U-6/6 (Only for DN-19 22U-6/6)
Professional Line DN-19 22U-6/6-SW (Only for DN-19 22U-6/6-SW)
Professional Line DN-19 22U-6/8 (Only for DN-19 22U-6/8)
Professional Line DN-19 26U-6/10 (Only for DN-19 26U-6/10)
Professional Line DN-19 26U-6/6 (Only for DN-19 26U-6/6)
Professional Line DN-19 26U-6/8 (Only for DN-19 26U-6/8)
Professional Line DN-19 26U-6/8-SW (Only for DN-19 26U-6/8-SW)
Professional Line DN-19 32U-6/6 (Only for DN-19 32U-6/6)
Professional Line DN-19 32U-6/8 (Only for DN-19 32U-6/8)
Professional Line DN-19 32U-6/8-SW (Only for DN-19 32U-6/8-SW)
Professional Line DN-19 32U-8/8 (Only for DN-19 32U-8/8)
Professional Line DN-19 36U-6/6-SW (Only for DN-19 36U-6/6-SW)
Professional Line DN-19 36U-6/8 (Only for DN-19 36U-6/8)
Professional Line DN-19 36U-6/8-SW (Only for DN-19 36U-6/8-SW)
Professional Line DN-19 42U-6/10 (Only for DN-19 42U-6/10)
Professional Line DN-19 42U-6/10-SW (Only for DN-19 42U-6/10-SW)
Professional Line DN-19 42U-6/6 (Only for DN-19 42U-6/6)
Professional Line DN-19 42U-6/6-EC (Only for DN-19 42U-6/6-EC)
Professional Line DN-19 42U-6/6-SW (Only for DN-19 42U-6/6-SW)
Professional Line DN-19 42U-6/8 (Only for DN-19 42U-6/8)
Professional Line DN-19 42U-8/8 (Only for DN-19 42U-8/8)
Professional Line DN-19 42U-8/8-E (Only for DN-19 42U-8/8-E)
Professional Line DN-19 42U-8/8-SF (Only for DN-19 42U-8/8-SF)
Professional Line DN-19 42U-8/8-SW (Only for DN-19 42U-8/8-SW)
Professional Line DN-19 42U-8/8-ZT (Only for DN-19 42U-8/8-ZT)
Professional Line DN-19 47U-6/6 (Only for DN-19 47U-6/6)
Professional Line DN-19 47U-6/6-SW (Only for DN-19 47U-6/6-SW)
Professional Line DN-19 47U-6/8 (Only for DN-19 47U-6/8)
Professional Line DN-19 47U-6/8-SW (Only for DN-19 47U-6/8-SW)
Professional Line DN-19 47U-8/10 (Only for DN-19 47U-8/10)
Professional Line DN-19 47U-8/10-SW (Only for DN-19 47U-8/10-SW)
Professional Line DN-19 SRV-42U-8-N-GD (Only for DN-19 SRV-42U-8-N-GD)
Professional Line DN-19 SRV-42U-EC (Only for DN-19 SRV-42U-EC)
Professional Line DN-19 SRV-47U-8-N (Only for DN-19 SRV-47U-8-N)
Professional Line DN-19 SRV-47U-GD (Only for DN-19 SRV-47U-GD)
Professional Line DN-19 SRV-47U-N (Only for DN-19 SRV-47U-N)
Professional Line DN-19 SRV-47U-SW-N (Only for DN-19 SRV-47U-8-SW-N, DN-19 SRV-47U-SW-N)
The DN-19 KEY-2U is suitable for all DIGITUS 19" cabinets, except for unwonted DIGITUS 19" wall mounted cabinets. It is useable for secure storage of documents and so on.
Product Description DIGITUS Professional DN-19 KEY-2U rack storage drawer - 2U
Product Type Rack storage drawer
Rack Size 19"
Height (Rack Units) 2U
Features Lockable
Designed For P/N: DN-19 22U-8/8, DN-19 32U-6/6-SW, DN-19 32U-6/8-SW, DN-19 32U-8/8-SW, DN-19 36U-6/8-SW, DN-19 42U-6/10-SW, DN-19 42U-6/6-SW, DN-19 42U-8/8-SF, DN-19 42U-I-6/8, DN-19 42U-I-8/8, DN-19 47U-6/10-SW, DN-19 47U-6/6, DN-19 47U-6/6-SW, DN-19 47U-6/8-SW, DN-19 47U-8/10-SW, DN-19 47U-8/8-SW
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